Fork of the OpenBazaar 2.0 browser-based client.

This project is maintained by Mentors4EDU


Fork of the OpenBazaar 2.0 browser-based client.

npm install fbz

In the project directory, run: npm start

Open http://localhost:8675

You can also run npm test or compile/build using npm run build for deployment

Currencies accepted: BTC, LNR, ETH, ETHS, BTCLT

Categories: art, music, games, crypto, bitcoin, bitclout, electronics

Why ForkBazaar?
ForkBazzar is a fork of OpenBazaar that accepts some altcoins including BitClout. It also integrates the GitHub pages action and can be ran on localhost:.

Running a BitClout Node:
First make sure that you have Docker and Docker Compose installed.
Please git clone https://github.com/bitclout/run.git
cd run
Then run the ./run.sh script.
If needed to, you can change the ports in the docker-compose.dev.yml.

Not sure if this will work, but GitHub pages deployment guide.