Awesome-Clout Awesome

List of different things powered by BitClout

  1. FBZ: OpenBazaar fork that takes BitClout
  2. CVL: Community-based verification service
  3. CIPs: Submit improvement proposals
  4. ADM: Anti-dumping mechanism for creators
  5. Wollo: A simple mobile DeSo NFT wallet
  6. NFTz: Highly customizeable NFTs DeSo node
  7. Raffle: A raffle that is powered by BitClout
  8. AMKN: A personal brand page for AMKN
  9. Cloutie: An IOS & MacOS app for BitClout
  10. InClout: Extension for linking social media profiles
  11. Cloutini: Further search BitClout in realtime
  12. Cloutify: Show Bitclout price tickers on Twitter
  13. Clouteo: Book shoutouts from your favorite creators
  14. HYPED: A ticket management solution on BitClout
  15. Audiono: Different services for music creators
  16. BitSwap: Buy and sell BitClout for Ethereum
  17. adclouts: Earn BitClout for reclouts (advertising)
  18. DivClout: Dividends for your coin holders
  19. Subclout: Offer a paid newsletter to your supporters
  20. GiftClout: Get gifted free some BitClout
  21. CloutPoll: Polls for your BitClout audience
  22. BitClout+: A BitClout Chrome/Brave browser extension
  23. Polygram: NFT marketplace for BitClout/DeSo
  24. OneClout: Easy to use crossposting tool
  25. FilmClout: Indie film crowdfunding w/ BitClout
  26. Desomon: Decentralized “social monsters” NFT project
  27. CloutCast: Promotions engine for BitClout
  28. CloutPool: Mining/Node hosting for BitClout
  29. JobsClout: A jobs board powered by BitClout
  30. BitBadges: Issue NFT badges through BitClout
  31. CloutLock: Open-source hardware wallets
  32. CloutGate: Track and analyze creator coins
  33. CloutTalks: A talk show regarding DeSo creators
  34. BitCloutIQ: Portfolio dashboard for BitClout
  35. ShopClout: Swap your BitClout for products
  36. Cloutathon: Dev competitions for BitClout users
  37. Clubrooms: Exclusive video/audio chat rooms for holders
  38. Cloutscape: Curated feeds by hashtags for BitClout
  39. Project List: Simple job board for BitClout projects
  40. Cloutavista: Advanced BitClout search engine
  41. CloutInstall: BitClout App store w/ a flat UI
  42. OhMyClout: Telegram bot to track coin transactions
  43. GreedClout: Creator coin price calculator
  44. CloutWallet: Mobile creator wallet and coin tracker
  45. Clout Email: Updates and messages to your inbox
  46. BitLauncher: A BitClout accelerator for small projects
  47. WhenActive: Interact with engaging BitClout posts
  48. Supernovas: A NFT-focused BitClout node
  49. BitClout API: Unofficial BitClout API powered by Taiko
  50. Cloutception: Show further analytics for BitClout users
  51. BitCloutHunt: Discover and track BitClout projects
  52. ProsperClout: Creator coin trade simulator and stats
  53. BitCloutWow: Visualize BitClout data on Twitter w/ Chrome
  54. Moonbounce: Offer exclusive content for your supporters
  55. CloutBubbles: Interactive bubble charts for top creators
  56. Kronos Wallet: A simple BIP39 seed phrase wallet
  57. BitCloutOffers: DeSo/BitClout’s social events calendar
  58. BitClout Pulse: Track top creators and analytics
  59. DeSocialWorld: Provides feed w/ multi-language support
  60. CloutContracts: Smart contracts rollup for BitClout
  61. BitClout Follow: Discover BitClout users by interest
  62. BitClout Insights: Find out anybody’s wallet holdings
  63. Everything Store: An eCommerce marketplace for BitClout
  64. BitClout Express: A telegram bot for HODLers
  65. Seeking BitClout: Seeking undervalued BitClout assets
  66. Pay with BitClout: Sell and buy things w/ BitClout
  67. BitClout Analysis: The website to analyze BitClout
  68. WUN Virtual Card: Discover and support BitClout creators
  69. BitClout WalletTracker: Get access to creator trade history


Disclaimer: This isn’t investment advice, simply just a list of tools. Anything you decide to do is at your own risk.